Amaranth: beneficial properties and applications
What does amaranth look like and where does it grow? Amaranth or amaranth, velvet, cockscomb are
Brewer's yeast: composition, benefits, application
Pharmacological action Thanks to the vitamins B, E, F, PP, H and minerals included in the drug
What does excess and deficiency of vitamin A lead to - implications for humans
Why is vitamin A useful, why does the body need it? The role of vitamin A in the body
Vanadium benefits and harms for the human body. Daily requirement for vanadium. The connection of a microelement with other substances
05/02/2018 Healthy nutrition Vanadium is a trace element that was discovered at the beginning of the 19th century by Andres
lecithin production
Food additive E322 (lecithin): dangerous or not, effect on the human body
Nutritional value of soy lecithin Lecithins are complex compounds that have a chemical formula similar to fats
Sex hormones and excess weight in women
A person’s weight largely depends not only on maintaining a proper diet and physical exercise.
Basic foods rich in folic acid
Top 12 foods containing folic acid
Folic acid, why do we need it? Folic acid is necessary for our body for normal functioning of the system.
Step-by-step Easter cake recipe for 1 kg of flour
November 12, 2018 Dough products Sergey Kostyuchenko Zhelyazkov Homemade aromatic pastries are a holiday
Vitamin b12
What is vitamin B12 for and what does it help with?
Vitamin B12 intake standards for humans. The content limits and amount of a given vitamin are usually estimated
Methoxanthin vitamin B14 in the human body - what vitamins are in Japanese sake?
B1 Vitamin B1, or thiamine, is a substance that catalyzes the biosynthesis of neuronal mediators. He answers
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