10 pancake recipes for children
Quick cooking tips depending on whether to use whole oat flakes or grind them
Pie with saury
Pie with canned saury, potatoes, rice, egg from puff pastry, yeast, batter, in the oven, multicooker
7 Prepared by: Anton Soroka 08/03/2017 Cooking time: 1 hour 10 minutes Save I
Diet salad with pineapples and chicken
Chicken fillet with pineapples. Chicken baked with pineapple and cheese
Dietary salad with pineapples and chicken: recipe with photos step-by-step recipe with photos Dietary
The most delicious stuffed zucchini: the best filling options and cooking features of the vegetable
Today we will present you a hearty, tasty and unusual dish. The base is tender zucchini, inside
rice with shrimp
Shrimp soup: recipes, cooking features
With mussels and squid This unusual and very aesthetic dish will certainly be appreciated by culinary lovers.
Recipes for turkey steaks and cabbage. Turkey fillet with cauliflower. Nutritional value of products
Today we are preparing a delicious, light and satisfying dish that is suitable for a family dinner (on
Avocado sauce: guacamole recipe with photo
Avocado paste Avocado has become the number one product for people watching their diet.
Soup with sorrel (green borscht)
The history of borscht in Rus' goes back hundreds of years. Historians argue almost as much
How to quickly prepare a pie filled with boiled meat?
Many people mistakenly believe that achieving an ideal figure can only be achieved through back-breaking workouts and
Pho Bo soup - 6 homemade recipes
Vietnamese chicken with lemongrass and noodles
About the recipe Italian cuisine. Yield: 2 Servings Prep: 10 min Cook: 20 min Ready
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