Calorie content of Adyghe cheese. The benefits and harms of Adyghe cheese
Adyghe cheese belongs to the soft group of cheeses. It is made in the foothills or mountainous regions of the Caucasus.
What is included in the dough for Borodino bread
Properties of Borodino bread Nutritional value and composition | Vitamins | Minerals How much does it cost
Barley groats: benefits and harm to the body
Barley is a valuable food product, known for its taste properties, complex of vitamins and unique
How many calories are in 1 average persimmon? Persimmon: determine the calorie content of fresh berries and dried fruit
The sunny beauty persimmon, which came to us from the Middle Kingdom, enjoys great love among those losing weight. Its sweet
Tangerines for weight loss
Tangerines: benefits and harms, composition and calorie content
Benefits of tangerines Tangerine promotes weight loss because it contains a high proportion of ascorbic acid.
How many calories are in a banana (1 piece) without peel?
Bananas are valued by bodybuilders and nutritionists for their easily digestible protein, which is essential for gaining muscle mass.
How many carbohydrates are in a baked apple?
Dietary properties of baked apples: Summer time is not only sun, air and water. This
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