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Dorado is a fish that belongs to the Sparidae family; it is also called sea crucian carp. For her life, she chooses mainly tropical oceans and seas, where she feels best. It is also called “coryphaena”, and is quite strange in appearance: it has a blunt head, a pronounced long fin and a tail clearly divided into two parts.

In some countries it is called the dolphin fish, but it is best known as the dorado.

One of the features of this fish is its bright color, usually blue and green or yellow, but its brightness appears only during life; after death, the color fades.

Coryphaena is capable of migrating over very long distances, so it can be found all over the world in those seas and oceans that have a tropical or temperate climate. The largest fish of this species ever caught weighed 39 kg.

Fish in different countries

But dorado is valued not only for its taste: in Malta, some unscrupulous jewelers used the teeth of this fish, which are shaped like fangs. Rings were made from them and sold under the guise of snake teeth frames, because in Malta it was believed that snake teeth had magical properties.

Even in ancient times, this fish was dedicated to the goddess of love, Aphrodite, due to its exquisite beauty and very delicate taste. This idea has migrated to the modern world: now on some Caribbean islands it is recommended for lovers to consume it, since among fish it is considered the goddess of love.

Dorado is highly valued in Asia Minor, where it is considered a fish that can decorate any holiday table. In addition, in Hawaii you can often find it in restaurants.

It is also served in restaurants in Malta, for which it is most often baked whole, together with the head and tail, or used as a filling for pies.

The fact is that gourmets have long noticed that this fish tastes best when it is cooked whole: baked or fried with the head.

An individual measuring from 20 to 40 cm is considered ideal for taste, and if the size of the frying pan allows, it can simply be fried.


Sea crucian is simple and straightforward to prepare. Its pinkish color and very tender meat has a characteristic sweetish taste and pleasant aroma. Usually such fish is baked in a frying pan, in the oven or on the grill. The latter cooking option is appreciated by the Greeks, giving preference to the natural taste of the product.

In the most famous restaurants in the world, Dorado is usually served with the head. Fillet cooks very quickly and goes well with all kinds of side dishes. Dishes containing this fish are usually served with dry white wines.

In countries where sea bass is not an expensive delicacy, open pies are prepared from it, supplemented with fresh vegetables, herbs and olives.

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Growing Dorado

Dorado has been known for a very long time; in the Mediterranean it was and remains the most popular fish. Some of the first mentions of it date back to the times of Ancient Rome, where this fish was so appreciated that it was specially grown in artificial ponds and pools in order to later be used for culinary purposes. The same method of growing dorado was used in Venice, around the end of the 19th century.

The history of artificial cultivation of dorado continues to this day: it was adopted from Ancient Rome by modern cooks in France, Greece and Italy. It is there that it is still grown in salty artificial reservoirs, where the temperature is maintained high enough for the fish to feel comfortable. To give the dorado the most intense taste and convey all the beneficial properties, it is now grown not just in ponds and pools, but in special aquariums that have special lighting, as well as a temperature that is designed to imitate a certain time of year, ideal for this fish.

Composition of fish

This fish is highly valued by people who watch their diet or are on a diet, as it contains a minimal amount of fat: less than 2 grams per 100 grams of fish. Meanwhile, 100 grams of the product contains 21 grams of protein, so it is very useful, including for those who play sports.

100 grams of this fish contain approximately 96 kilocalories, while it contains a fairly high concentration of protein, which makes it very nutritious.
Composition of fish

Squirrels18.5 g
Fats0.7 g
Calorie content
Saturated fatty acids0.19 g
Polyunsaturated fats0.17 g
Monounsaturated fats0.12 g
Cholesterol73 mg
Water77.5 g
Vitamins and minerals
Vitamin A54 mcg
Vitamin B10.02 mg
Vitamin B20.07 mg
Vitamin B50.75 mg
Vitamin B60.4 mg
Vitamin B95 mcg
Vitamin PP6.1 mg
Iron0.9 mg
Phosphorus143 mg
Sulfur12 mg
Magnesium30 mg
Calcium15 mg
Potassium0.46 mg
Zinc6.7 mg
Selenium36.5 mg
Copper0.04 mg
Sodium88 mg
Manganese0.02 mg
Iodine65 mcg

This fish is most valued due to its unique composition and the large number of useful substances it contains. It is not very well suited for quick and effective satiation, since dorado contains a relatively small amount of calories, and there is practically no dietary fiber, thanks to which food takes a long time to digest.

This means that it is ideal for dietary nutrition, but is not at all suitable for people who need a lot of energy, such as athletes. However, dorado is very important to include in your daily diet, as it contains:

  1. Proteins that are easily digestible. They are ideal for consumption by children and the elderly, as well as pregnant women.
  2. Saturated fatty acids, including Omega-3 acid, which is vital for the human body. All these acids are necessary in order to ensure a normal metabolic process between cells and for the development of brain neurons, as well as as a preventive measure for various diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Dorado composition

Like other types of fish, dorado is full of vitamins and useful components. Fish contains a high percentage of protein - 18.5 grams and low fat - 0.7 grams. At the same time, the composition of dorado is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and sulfur. From microelements: iron, zinc, selenium, iodine, copper and manganese. The vitamin complex included in dorado is amazing. Fish contains all B vitamins (, , , , B9,), vitamin PP and.

Beneficial features

Dorado, like any other fish, contains a high concentration of iodine. In addition, it is rich in copper and manganese, and also contains zinc. All these substances are necessary to maintain normal metabolism.

This fish contains a large amount of polyunsaturated acids, which act as an effective prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, including their ability to support the body and reduce the risk of developing cancer. The iodine contained in fish contributes to the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, increases mental activity, and helps replenish iodine deficiency in the body, if necessary.

Iodine is found in many types of fish, but dorado is considered one of the record holders, in particular it contains more iodine than mackerel or perch. The phosphorus contained in fish, among other things, promotes better absorption of vitamins and minerals, and also supports normal chemical processes in the human body.

Due to its balanced chemical composition and beneficial properties, fish is recommended to be included in the diet, including for people with diabetes, after a heart attack, suffering from atherosclerosis, or for those who need to lower blood cholesterol levels.

This fish is useful, including for improving appearance, as it helps delay aging, significantly improves brain function and memory, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, makes blood vessels more elastic, maintains skin elasticity and strengthens nails. In addition, the substances contained in dorado help get rid of hair loss and dandruff, and saturate the hair with useful substances.

What are the benefits of dorado for the body?

It has several advantages:

  • high meat content with few bones,
  • low calorie content of the product,
  • fish fillet contains 20% easily digestible protein.

Thus, polyunsaturated fatty acids have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system of the human body. They reduce cholesterol and have an anti-atherosclerotic effect.

Monounsaturated acids also have benefits. They reduce cholesterol levels. An insoluble complex is formed, which allows the latter not to settle.

The presence of potassium in crucian carp meat helps normalize the functioning of the nervous system and helps deliver oxygen to human brain cells. In addition, potassium normalizes blood pressure and strengthens the heart muscle.

The presence of iodine leads to the synthesis of thyroid hormones. Iron transports oxygen to tissues and promotes the formation of lymphocytes and red blood cells. Zinc strengthens the body's immune system and is responsible for its growth and development.

Dorado in cooking

Under artificial conditions, this fish is kept in perfectly clean water; special feed is used for its growth. The result is fish with dense white meat, which has a pleasant subtle aroma. Due to the fact that it is mainly grown in artificial conditions for restaurants, it can be classified as a delicacy, and not the cheapest one at that. Despite this, the popularity of dorado among gourmets around the world is only growing, so every year more and more fish are grown in artificial farms.

Typically, fish farms sell fish weighing from 300 to 600 grams, but in France larger specimens are valued: they usually buy fish that weigh more than a kilogram. Therefore, royal and gray dorado are especially popular among gourmets, due to their rich taste and special properties. In particular, the king dorado has pinkish meat and a much more delicate taste.

Calorie content of dorado

Dorado has a calorie content per 100 grams of 95 kcal. However, depending on the type of preparation, the number of calories varies. All data is shown in the table.

Squirrels Fats Carbohydrates Kcalories
Baked in the oven 14,2 7,8 3,9 144,2
Baked in foil 18,0 3,0 0,0 96,0
Fried 18,5 9,0 95,5
Grilled 19,8 1,3 90,7
For a couple 17,8 2,0 90,9

How to choose

Dorado has several distinctive features that will help you choose this particular fish and not make a mistake. First of all, it usually has a dark gray back, and a slightly lighter belly. The fish's mouth is quite large, its lips are quite pronounced, and right between the eyes there is a small golden spot.

When choosing fish, pay attention to ensure that its fins and tail are not dry, as this indicates a long shelf life. Be sure to inspect the gills: they should have a bright red color, and the fish itself should have a characteristic smell of the sea. When choosing, press on the fish carcass: if the meat is fresh and has not been frozen, it will quickly return to its natural shape after pressing.

Take the advice of gourmets: choose fish with a length of 20 to 40 cm, this is the optimal size for this fish, when it acquires the most pronounced taste, but at the same time it is quite convenient to cook.

How to cook

Gourmets like dorado also because it is very easy to prepare. It is not picky about cooking methods, so in Greece dorado is often grilled during picnics, resulting in a rich, pleasant taste without unnecessary hints of marinade or spices.

At home, dorado can be baked in the oven, adding only salt, which will not interrupt the natural taste of the fish. If you are going to fry or stew dorado, it is recommended to use sauce so that the meat absorbs as much juice as possible and is not dry.

You don't need any special type of sauce for this, just a classic mixture of olive oil, garlic and dry white wine. If you prefer special sauces, you can add capers, tomatoes or olives to this mixture.

When it comes to spices during cooking, it is best to use herbs that should be placed in the belly, but not on the surface of the fish. This way they will convey the maximum of their subtle aroma, but at the same time they will not interrupt the natural taste of the fish, they will only highlight it. Basil, rosemary and sage work best for this.

Like any other fish, dorado goes perfectly with various vegetables or potatoes, baked or boiled. If you really like sauces, you can make a sauce for dorado based on fish broth, add a little natural vegetable oil and fresh vegetables.

You can cook dorado in a huge number of different ways, the main thing is to ensure that the cooking temperature is not too high during the cooking process, as this will negate not only many of the beneficial properties of this fish, but can also spoil its delicate taste.

If roasting in the oven, keep it there for no more than 10 minutes to avoid burning and bitter taste in the tender meat.

If you steam it, you need to let it sit a little longer, about 15 minutes until fully cooked. If you are the happy owner of a grill and will cook dorado outdoors or during a picnic, it is enough to fry it for only one and a half or two minutes so that it remains juicy and at the same time is perfectly prepared.

The same rule applies to cooking in a frying pan, just a couple of minutes - and it’s ready.

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If you come across a large specimen, and you are afraid that it will not have time to bake, you need to make several deep cuts on its blocks. This will allow the temperature to apply evenly to the fish, and it will cook as quickly as its smaller counterparts.

Braised fish in white wine

For this dish you need to take:

  • 800 grams of dorado;
  • three tablespoons of olive oil;
  • a glass of white wine;
  • two hundred ml of water;
  • a little fresh rosemary and lemon;
  • salt to taste.

The fish is cleaned, washed, cut into pieces. Pour oil into a saucepan and heat it. Fry the slices for two minutes on each side. Pour in water, add salt and cook over high heat for three minutes, while covering with a lid.

Afterwards the broth is drained, and wine and rosemary are added to the fish. Simmer for five minutes until the alcohol evaporates. The finished fish is served hot, sprinkled with lemon juice and poured over with broth.

Dorado is not only a tasty, but also a healthy fish. It contains a lot of iodine and selenium. Dorado is also rich in vitamins and minerals. It is often prepared by those who are on diets. The calorie content of dorado is low. What’s remarkable is that it can be prepared in different ways without increasing its calorie content. For example, bake in the oven with spices, steam, grill. As a side dish for fish, you can use cereals, fresh vegetables, and baked potatoes.

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