Creamy ice cream: recipes with photos for easy preparation

Homemade ice cream without cream

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Do you want to please yourself and your loved ones with a delicious dessert, but don’t know what to cook? A win-win, this is an easy homemade cream-free ice cream recipe that everyone will love.

Confectioners' secrets:

  • To ensure that the ice cream is free of small ice crystals, remove it every 30 minutes during freezing and stir.
  • Ice cream requires dairy products with a high fat content.
  • To give the delicacy an airy and delicate structure, add a little agar-agar or gelatin.
  • You can complement the taste of the ice cream with chocolate chips, chopped nuts, as well as pieces of your favorite fruits and berries.
  • Instead of chicken eggs, you can use quail eggs as a base. Just keep in mind that for 1 chicken egg there are 4 quail eggs.
  • If the ice cream has not frozen to the desired consistency, do not rush to throw it away. You can make a dessert from it that does not require complete hardening.

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Classic cream ice cream at home

The classic ice cream can be served with any syrup or fruit puree. It will be delicious if you sprinkle the delicacy with candied fruits or chopped nuts. From the specified quantity of products you will receive 6 servings of ice cream.


  • 150 g granulated sugar;
  • 300 ml cream with a fat content of 33%;
  • 10 g vanilla;
  • 3 eggs;
  • 125 ml milk.


  1. We only need the yolks, so we will separate them from the whites in any convenient way.
  2. Beat the yolk mixture thoroughly with a whisk and add granulated sugar, vanilla and milk.
  3. Place the resulting mass on the middle level of the burner and boil until it has the structure of condensed milk, stirring.
  4. Then turn off the stove and cool the milk-egg mass at room temperature. Stir it periodically!
  5. In the meantime, let's whip the cream. For this we need a chilled container and a mixer.
  6. Combine the cream with the milk-egg mixture.
  7. Pour the resulting mixture into the mold, cover with cling film and place in the freezer for an hour.
  8. Then remove the film, move the ice cream away from the sides of the container and beat it with a mixer for a couple of minutes.
  9. Cover again with film and place in the freezer again for an hour.
  10. After an hour, stir the ice cream again with a mixer and transfer it to a smaller bowl.
  11. Cover with film and leave the ice cream in the freezer for 4-5 hours. Ready!

Advice! To make the milk-egg ice cream base cool faster, place the container with it in a cup of cold water and stir the mixture periodically.

Creamy ice cream sundae

You will need:

  • milk - 100 ml;
  • egg yolks - 2 pcs.;
  • cream from 33% fat content - 200 ml;
  • sugar - 60 g;
  • vanilla pod - 1 pc.

Mix milk and sugar in a thick-bottomed saucepan. Cut the vanilla pod lengthwise with a knife, remove the seeds and add them to the milk mixture. If you couldn’t find a pod, you can get by with a pinch of vanillin or a bag of vanilla sugar. Heat the mixture in a saucepan until hot, but do not boil.

In another bowl, gently whisk the egg yolks until smooth. Pour hot milk into the mashed yolks in a thin stream, stirring the mixture continuously.

Pour the resulting mass into a saucepan, put on low heat and cook until slightly thickened. During the process, it is important to continuously stir the cream, especially at the bottom, using a silicone spatula.

Check the degree of thickening regularly. To do this, run your finger along the silicone spatula; if the mark is clear and does not float, you can remove the pan from the heat.

Cool the cream to room temperature, at this time whip the cold cream into a dense foam. Add the cooled cream to the whipped cream and mix everything. Place the mixture in the freezer for 3 hours.

During these 3 hours, it is necessary to remove and thoroughly mix the cream 6 times so that ice crystals do not form and the texture of the ice cream is smooth and uniform.

When the consistency of the mass is similar to soft ice cream and it becomes difficult to mix, you need to transfer the mass into a silicone mold, cover with a lid and put in the freezer for 3-4 hours, or preferably overnight.

If desired, add mint leaves, chocolate chips or berries to the dessert before serving.

The simplest recipe

You can quickly and without hassle prepare eggless ice cream at home. This ice cream is soft and incredibly tasty.


  • 500 ml cream with a fat content of 33%;
  • 200 ml condensed milk;
  • 10 g vanilla.


  1. Pre-cool the cream, as well as the container in which we will whip it, in the refrigerator.
  2. Then add vanilla to the cream and beat it with any kitchen gadget at low speed.
  3. Slowly increasing the speed, beat the creamy mixture to high peaks.
  4. Then add condensed milk in small portions, combining it with cream at low mixer speed.
  5. Transfer the ice cream mixture into a mold and cover with film.
  6. Keep the ice cream in the freezer for 8-9 hours. Ready!

On a note! You can diversify the taste of the ice cream by adding fruit puree to the creamy base. By the way, then the energy value of the treat will become less.

Preparing the topping

In a saucepan, mix everything into a homogeneous mass and place on low heat.

Stirring constantly, bring to a boil. Wait until the mass cools down and becomes completely homogeneous (usually it takes one or two minutes after boiling).

Remove and immediately pour topping over ice cream. Place back in the freezer.

Once I learned how to make this ice cream, I couldn’t stop all summer. I did it two or three times a week. Endless. Such a delicious and simple recipe that I didn’t want anything else delicious.

We comply with GOST

It’s easy to make a seal according to GOST at home. This delicacy reminds many of their childhood, when ice cream was sold in ordinary cups. Shall we try?


  • 420 ml of milk with a fat content of 3.2%;
  • 350 ml cream with a fat content of 33%;
  • 150 g granulated sugar;
  • 15 g vanilla;
  • 50 g milk powder;
  • 20 g starch.


  1. Pour 100 ml of milk into a bowl. Add starch and stir.
  2. Add dry milk, granulated sugar and vanilla to the saucepan. Add a couple of drops of the milk-starch mixture and stir well.
  3. Pour in 320 ml of pure milk, place the saucepan on the stove and wait until the mixture boils.
  4. Then add the milk-starch mixture. Cook, stirring continuously, until thickened.
  5. Cool the milk mass.
  6. Whip the cream and combine it with the milk base.
  7. Pour the ice cream mixture into a wide mold. This way the mass will cool faster.
  8. Cover with film and place in the freezer for 1.5-2 hours.
  9. Then stir the ice cream using a mixer and place it in the freezer again for a couple of hours.
  10. Then stir the mixture again and put it into cups.
  11. Keep the ice cream in the freezer for 5-6 hours. Ready!

How to make “Homemade ice cream without cream”

1. Beat eggs into a saucepan.

2. Pour in milk.

3. Add sugar. The amount of sugar used in this homemade creamless ice cream recipe may vary depending on your taste preferences.

4. Beat the mixture until smooth and put on fire. Heat through, stirring constantly, then turn off the heat and cool.

5. The classic recipe for homemade ice cream without cream involves the use of vanilla extract, but if desired, you can add berries, for example, or nuts.

6. After sending the mass into a plastic container, freeze for about 2-4 hours (time depends on temperature), periodically whisking the mass and breaking the ice crystals. When the ice cream has frozen well, you can put it from the container into a plate.

7. And pour over your favorite topping or chocolate. In this form, ice cream can be served.

Milk-based ice cream

Ice cream sundae without cream at home is tasty and no less healthy. This recipe can also be made in an ice cream maker.


  • 500 ml milk;
  • 4 eggs;
  • granulated sugar to taste;
  • vanilla extract;
  • chocolate.


  1. Add eggs to the pan and add milk.
  2. Add granulated sugar to taste.
  3. Beat the resulting mass until smooth and place on the stove.
  4. Stirring continuously, heat the milk base, then turn off the burner and cool the mixture.
  5. Add vanilla extract to the ice cream mixture to taste and stir. By the way, you can add your favorite berries or chopped nuts.
  6. We transfer the ice cream into a container and put it in the freezer.
  7. Keep the ice cream in the freezer until it hardens completely (at least five hours).
  8. Stir the ice cream every half hour to break up all the ice crystals.
  9. Pour melted chocolate or any syrup over the finished ice cream.

Remember the song: “Suddenly a wizard will arrive in a blue helicopter...”? Become such a wizard for your household and prepare them a delicious homemade ice cream. It will be no worse than a popsicle. Cook with pleasure and bon appetit!

Cottage cheese ice cream

When talking about how to make ice cream at home without cream, you should remember the recipe based on cottage cheese. This dessert will be useful for the youngest fans of cold sweets.


  1. Boiled condensed milk.
  2. ½ glass of milk.
  3. 420 grams of cottage cheese.

The cottage cheese should be rubbed through a sieve. Next, mix it with condensed milk in a blender. The mixture should be whipped long enough for the curd to become invisible. After this, you can add milk and beat the mixture again.

Our ice cream is almost ready. All that remains is to put it in molds and put it in the freezer to harden. In four hours it will be ready to eat.

If you want to make absolutely natural and healthy ice cream for your children, then you can prepare condensed milk yourself, since the quality of this product is currently very much in doubt.

For this you will need three liters of milk and a liter jar of sugar. All this must be mixed, brought to a boil and simmered for three to four hours over low heat, constantly stirring the mixture.

As you can see, there are many options for making creamless ice cream using other dairy products. And the result is no worse.

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