Pie dough with cabbage - 7 quick and delicious recipes

Cabbage pie is the signature dish of many housewives. In general, I really love baking with cabbage, as well as other dishes with it. There are many cooking recipes. You can prepare a jellied pie, closed, open, in the oven, or in a slow cooker. You can continue endlessly... The main thing is that it turns out delicious. And to do this, it’s not enough to add cabbage to the regular dough.

Today I have prepared for you 5 step-by-step recipes with photos of cabbage pie. By following each step exactly, you will definitely get an unsurpassed result in the end!

You can add fried mushrooms, minced meat, vegetables, and so on to the cabbage pie. This is a matter of taste and mood. You can cook it for dessert or even as a full dinner. Our family often practices using pies instead of bread for soup. In a word, there will always be a use!

Cabbage pie in the oven - recipe “Fast and tasty”

I offer you a very simple recipe for cabbage pie. It is simple, first of all, because the dough does not need to be kneaded for a long time, then left to stand, and so on. It will be aspic. You don't even need a rolling pin! Soft, fluffy dough and the most delicate filling - it’s very tasty! I recommend!



  • Butter - 100 grams
  • Raw eggs - 2 pieces
  • 400 milliliters kefir
  • A pinch of salt
  • 250 grams of flour
  • 5 grams of soda


  • A kilogram of finely shredded cabbage
  • Fresh dill to taste
  • Large onion
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs
  • One medium carrot
  • Salt and ground pepper to taste
  • Vegetable oil


1. Peel the cabbage from the upper flaccid leaves. The list of products indicates the weight of already peeled cabbage, without the top leaves and stalk.

2. Shred it thinly. Place in a bowl, add a little salt and knead it lightly with your hands. It needs to become softer and release juice.

3. Peel the onion, cut it into quarter rings or cubes. The form is not important. We also peel the carrots. Three of her with a grater. We send all this to the cabbage and mix thoroughly.

4. Heat a little vegetable oil in a frying pan. We send our vegetable salad here. You need to cook until the cabbage is completely cooked. It is difficult to determine the exact time, it all depends on the vegetables. Cook on medium power, stirring frequently, without covering. Let the mixture cool slightly.

5. Meanwhile, let's make the dough. Melt the butter, then cool. Place in a bowl and add a pinch of salt. Pour in eggs and warm kefir. Mix all this with a whisk until maximum homogeneity.

6. Sift flour together with soda. Now add this mixture in parts to the kefir base. The dough should turn out like thick sour cream.

7. Add diced eggs and chopped herbs to the cooled filling. Add salt, pepper and mix everything thoroughly.

8. In this case, we will use a split round mold with a diameter of 24 centimeters. Line the bottom with parchment. Coat the paper and sides from the inside with soft butter. You can also use vegetable matter. Pour half of the prepared dough here. Then cover with all the filling and level the surface.

9. Cover with the remaining dough and level the surface. Heat the oven to 180 degrees. Bake for approximately 30-40 minutes. According to tradition, we check the readiness with a dry wooden skewer. We immerse it in the center of the product. If it comes out without any traces of raw dough, then the pie is ready!

Let it cool a little in the mold, then you can take it out, cut it and bring it to the table!

Recipe 3: Pies with cabbage and egg

These delicious and tender pies can be prepared at any time. To create them, you only need an hour and a half and a minimal amount of products.

Ingredients : 2 cups warm milk, 1 tablespoon dry yeast, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons soft butter, 1 teaspoon salt, 5-6 cups flour. For the filling you will need half a medium head of cabbage, 1 tablespoon of butter, 6 hard-boiled eggs, pepper and salt to taste.

Cooking method

Mix half a glass of milk, yeast and sugar, put this mixture in a warm place for ten minutes. Pour the rest of the milk into a saucepan, add the egg, melted butter and one glass of flour. Add milk mixed with yeast to the same pan. Gradually add flour until the dough becomes elastic and no longer sticks to your hands. Cover the pan with a lid and place in a warm place for one hour.

Put butter in a heated frying pan, add cabbage and fry until it becomes limp. Then add eggs, pepper and salt to taste. Continue simmering the mixture until the cabbage is completely soft.

Place the dough on a floured surface and form into a sausage, about five centimeters thick. Cut it into pieces and form small balls from them. Next, you need to flatten the finished balls with your hand to make circles with a diameter of about 12 centimeters. Place the filling in the middle of each circle and pinch tightly.

Place the pies on a baking sheet lined with foil, brush them with yolk and let them sit for a while. The pies must be baked in an oven preheated to 200 degrees for 20 minutes.

How to make a cabbage pie from yeast dough?

This is a very tasty, festive pie with cabbage. You can prepare it not only for a family tea party or on the table for dear guests. In any case, it will be very tasty and beautiful. The recipe is simple. If you follow the step-by-step description, the result will be 100% successful.


  • 650 grams flour
  • 2 half tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 60 milliliters vegetable oil
  • 30 grams raw yeast
  • 300 milliliters of water
  • teaspoon salt


  • 500 grams of white cabbage
  • salt to taste
  • medium bulb
  • teaspoon (incomplete) granulated sugar
  • 5 medium sized chicken eggs
  • frying oil


1. Pour warm boiled water into a bowl. The yeast should be soft, not frozen. We send them here and mix everything, grinding them. Also stir salt and granulated sugar until the grains of sand are completely dissolved.

2. Sift the flour. Add a little to the liquid base. Stir everything. The consistency should resemble pancake batter. As soon as you achieve such a mass, pour in the vegetable oil.

3. Now add the remaining flour. Knead the dough. It should fit into one ball. It will be quite elastic and soft. It shouldn't stick to your hands. Sprinkle a bowl with flour and place the dough here. Cover the top with a lid or bag. Place in a warm place to rise.

4. Meanwhile, let's prepare the filling. Shred the cabbage into thin strips or cubes. Heat a little vegetable oil in a frying pan. We send cabbage here. Finely chop the onion. We send it here. Add a little salt, granulated sugar, mix.

5. Over low heat, stirring occasionally, simmer until soft. At the same time, cover with a lid. Then remove from the stove and let cool.

6. Boil the eggs until the yolk is hard. Cool completely and clean. To ensure that the shells are cleaned well, it is better to cool them first. Chop them finely. You can grate it with a grater.

7. When the dough has risen and increased in size by 2-3 times, move it to a table previously dusted with flour. Let's divide it into 2 parts. Roll each into a layer about 5 millimeters wide.

8. Coat the inside of the frying pan with vegetable oil. Carefully place one layer here, pushing out the edges with your fingers.

9. Mix eggs with cabbage. Let's taste it. You may want to add more salt and seasoning. Place it on the first layer of dough and level it out. Cover with the second part of the dough. Pinch the edges between the two parts.

10. If desired, the product can be decorated. To do this, you need to first set aside some dough. You can cut various shapes out of it and place them on top. Now the entire surface needs to be coated with mixed yolk.

11. Heat the oven to 180 degrees. Bake for 25-30 minutes. Take the finished pie out of the oven, slice and serve!

Dietary cabbage pie without flour. Unusual cabbage pie without flour

I would like to bring to your attention the recipe for another diet pie - this time it’s a lazy cabbage pie. It must be said that the filling can, in principle, be any savory one - meat, fish. I made it from what any housewife always has in stock - cabbage.

Preparation takes just minutes and is absolutely easy and simple. The range of products is also small.

So, first, mix 3 eggs.

You can use a mixer, a whisk, or just a fork; we don’t need much fluffiness. Add 4 tbsp. spoons of oatmeal and 2 tbsp. spoons of wheat bran (which was previously ground in a blender or coffee grinder), 1 packet (I have 11 g) of dry yeast, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 200 ml of low-fat kefir, 4 tbsp. spoons of soft low-fat cottage cheese, a little salt. Mix everything well and leave our dough alone in a warm place. The dough turns out like sour cream, then it thickens a little more when the bran swells. It’s good that if all products are initially at the same temperature, the yeast will begin to act faster.

In the meantime, let's make the filling. Cut the cabbage and fry in a dry frying pan.

Add a little salt and pepper to taste. To begin with, I add a little water, so the cabbage turns out softer and more tender. If you like crunchiness, you can do without water. For onion lovers, it won’t hurt to finely chop 1 onion into the same frying pan. Fry until a beautiful golden color - the filling is ready.

During this time, our dough has risen a little. Turn on the oven to preheat (up to 180 degrees) and begin assembling the pie. Place our cabbage in a mold (I have a silicone one that does not require lubrication)

and pour dough on top.

That's all! Place in the preheated oven and bake for about 30-40 minutes, depending on the capabilities of your oven.

It contains no grain flours, pseudo-cereals, nuts, starches, legumes, dairy products, sugar, thickeners or yeast. The dough is universal, it is great for baking bread in the form of a small loaf, baguettes or rolls, as well as for baking savory buns with filling, pies, pies, cheesecakes and even pizza. In the recipe for this test, a variety of interchangeable options for ingredients are possible. You can use fresh apple or applesauce, ground sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds. Cumin and hot spices in the recipe can be replaced with other spices and seasonings, or not used at all. I usually bake a covered pie with a simple cabbage filling using regular gluten-free yeast dough from commercial mixes or my own flour mixture, but for a very long time I wanted to bake an open pie with a more complex cabbage filling, a pie more reminiscent of a cheesecake or pizza than a traditional pie .

One of the most remarkable features of this dough is the softness of products made from it and their delicate taste, which does not at all correspond to the terrifying appearance of products from this dough. Products made from this dough do not lose their softness after cooling, and retain it even after 2 days of storage.

In this article, I specifically include step-by-step photos for making this dough using the ingredients listed: commercial applesauce, ground sunflower seeds, and golden flax meal. A step-by-step process for preparing the usual, basic cabbage filling for pies is also given, which can be used for baking pies and pies with cabbage on yeast dough, the recipe for which is given in the article.



  • 150g applesauce
  • 2 large eggs, 102-106 grams, without shell
  • 100g sunflower seeds, ground and sifted through a sieve
  • 50g flaxseed flour
  • 20g chia seeds, ground and sifted through a sieve
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda, 5g
  • 1 teaspoon salt, 6g (if the seasoning used is salty, reduce the amount of salt to 5g)
  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin powder
  • 1 teaspoon of my own preparation (optional)
  • butter (butter or coconut) for greasing parchment paper

cabbage filling

basic ingredients

  • a quarter of a fork of not particularly large cabbage
  • 25-30 g butter (butter or vegetable depending on diet)
  • salt to taste (very important)
  • 1/2 teaspoon sugar

additional pie ingredients used in recipe

  • 3 slices lean bacon (you can use meat or chicken)
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • 1 onion (I used red onion, you can also use leek)
  • pinch of fennel seeds
  • salt and black pepper to taste
  • tablespoon of home-dried small tomatoes (optional)
  • 2 sprigs thyme
  • 1 egg for brushing the crust and top of the filling

Not all of the prepared filling was used to make the pie. I froze the remaining 1/3 of it for use in dumplings later.


prepare the filling

  • chop bacon pieces and onion
  • Heat olive oil in a frying pan, add fennel seeds
  • fry the bacon pieces with onions until translucent, add salt and pepper during the process, set aside and let them cool
  • cut the cabbage into large pieces
  • place the pieces in a blender bowl and grind them, it is best to do this in 2 steps, this will ensure more even chopping of the cabbage
  • place the shredded cabbage in a wide bowl
  • pour boiling water over the cabbage and cover with water
  • let the soaked cabbage stand for 15 minutes
  • Drain the cabbage and water in a colander
  • let all the liquid drain, leave to cool for 10-15 minutes (so that you can squeeze the water out with your hands) or rinse with cold water and squeeze out all excess liquid from the cabbage well
  • add oil, salt, sugar to well-wrung cabbage, stir everything well, cabbage left to cool will lose more color, cabbage washed with cold water will retain a greener color
  • The process of preparing cabbage filling in step-by-step photographs is shown using the example of 2 processes separated by time
  • mix the basic cabbage filling with fried onions and bacon, add sun-dried tomatoes
  • check the filling for taste,
    add more salt if necessary; under-salted cabbage filling can ruin the whole pie

prepare the dough

To make almond, flax, seed and pumpkin seed flours, I use a Cuisinart spice blender cup. I grind nuts and seeds at high speed for 10-20 seconds in small portions, sift the flour through a sieve and grind the rest again.

I often mix and grind different seeds in a recipe together. I usually weigh the already ground seeds again, since some of the flour is lost during the grinding and sifting process.

  • mix sunflower seeds and chia seeds
  • grind the mixture and sift, grind large particles again
  • sift flaxseed flour
  • Mix sunflower and chia seed flour with flaxseed flour and cumin powder in a wide bowl
  • add baking soda, sift it through a fine sieve if it contains lumps
  • Whisk the dry ingredients until smooth
  • In a separate bowl, beat eggs with applesauce and salt until volume increases 2-3 times.
  • add dry ingredient mixture and hot seasoning
  • Mix the wet and dry ingredients with a whisk until smooth, the dough will thicken and be soft and pliable to work with, and will hold together very well

cook a pie

  • line a baking tray with baking paper
  • coat the paper with oil (butter, coconut, or animal fat)
  • wet your hands, pick up the dough and form it into a ball, gradually flattening it on both sides
  • place a thick disk of dough on greased parchment
  • wet your hands with water again
  • Using your fingers and palms, spread the dough over the surface, forming a circle or square as desired; you can make individual portioned cheesecakes
  • put the filling on the dough and spread it over the surface, leaving 2 cm free around the perimeter
  • sprinkle with thyme leaves
  • Using a fork, lightly beat the egg with 2 tablespoons of water
  • Use a brush to brush the edges of the pie and, in some places, the surface of the pie itself.
  • bake in an oven heated to 170C with a fan for 35-45 minutes, the time depends on the oven and the thickness of the dough in the pie

Serve the pie hot, warm or completely cooled with any light salad. Pickled carrots also work well.

I will bake the second such pie, with a different filling, following all the dietary rules for my second English blog, using only vegetable and coconut oil, and without fresh cabbage and bacon, which are not allowed in the list of ingredients.
Most likely it will be filled with steamed broccoli, stewed carrots and leeks, and pieces of chicken or salmon as protein. I still have 3 days to decide on the filling. For ourselves, I really wanted to bake this dough stuffed with fresh cabbage, just like my aunt baked. The pie turned out very tasty. It is probably more traditional to bake a closed pie or pies, but I am more attracted to open pies, where you can significantly increase the amount of filling in relation to the dough. Less dough and more filling per unit of product. This dough in itself is a complete, balanced product; with the filling, it is a satisfying and nutritious dish. The only drawback is that this bread, as well as the products made from this dough, do not look as good as they taste. Unusual cabbage pie
The pie is truly unusual, since there is not a single gram of flour in the recipe! I was looking for something to quickly cook for dinner, since the whole family had already gathered and there was no time to think. I decided to take a risk, try a new recipe and bake an unusual cabbage pie. I seriously doubted whether the children would eat. And lo and behold! The children ate it and even asked for more! The cabbage pie turned out very soft, tender and delicious! So now I boldly offer you the recipe.

Ingredients for cabbage pie

White cabbage - 700-1000 g Chicken egg - 2 pcs Semolina - 1 glass Milk - 1 glass Margarine - 200 g Sugar - 1 tsp Salt - to taste

How to cook

We immediately turn on the oven to heat up to 200°C while we prepare the base of the pie.

Finely chop the cabbage, add salt and mash with your hands until the juice appears.

Pour semolina with milk.

Add eggs and sugar.

Pour in the melted margarine (I replaced it with butter, as I really love its taste). Mix everything well.

Add cabbage and mix everything again into a homogeneous mass.

Pour the resulting mixture into a baking dish and bake for 30-40 minutes, until golden brown.

Let it brew for another 5-10 minutes and serve in portions on the table.

You can sprinkle the top of the cabbage pie with finely chopped dill. Bon appetit!

Recipe for cabbage pie in the oven with kefir

I offer you a recipe for cabbage pie with jellied, very tender and tasty dough. I love working with jellied dough in many types of baked goods. It's very simple. After all, you don’t need to knead the dough for a long time, wait for it to rise, roll it out, and so on. See for yourself!



  • Medium sized bulb
  • 500 grams cabbage
  • Half a teaspoon of ground pepper
  • Medium sized carrots
  • A teaspoon to taste
  • 3 tablespoons vegetable oil


  • One and a half glasses of kefir
  • 3 raw eggs
  • One and a half cups of flour
  • Teaspoon of soda


1. First, prepare the filling. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan. Finely chop the onion. Place it in a well-heated frying pan.

2. Peel the carrots. Three graters. We send it after the onion. Fry together until the vegetables are soft.

3. Shred the cabbage thinly. If yours is tough and late, it is better to first knead it with your hands and add some salt. If the cabbage is young and juicy, then this point can be omitted. Salt, pepper, mix. Simmer covered, stirring, for 10-15 minutes.

4. The filling needs to cool. In the meantime, let's do the dough. Kefir should be warm. Therefore, take care of this in advance by removing it from the refrigerator a couple of hours in advance. Pour it into a bowl.

5. Mix the soda here. Pour in the eggs. Beat everything until smooth with a mixer or whisk.

6. Pre-sieve the flour. It’s better to do this a couple of times so that the dough is more fluffy later. Add it to the kefir mass in 2-3 doses, kneading after each addition. If you introduce everything at once, it will be more difficult to get rid of flour lumps.

7. Pre-coat the inside of the baking dish with vegetable oil. Pour in half of the resulting dough. Using a turning motion, distribute it evenly over the shape. Now add all the filling at once. Let's level it out.

8. Pour evenly with the remaining dough. Heat the oven to 200 degrees. We send our product here for about 40 minutes. The exact baking time may depend on many factors. Therefore, keep a close eye on your pie. Readiness is checked with a toothpick.

Let it cool a little, then take it out of the mold and cut it. You can serve! Bon appetit!

Kefir pie without eggs with cabbage filling

This pie is prepared very quickly, provided that you have stewed cabbage in the refrigerator. Therefore, if you have some cabbage left after dinner or lunch, please your family with this delicious pastry. The dough is kneaded with kefir, the kneading process will take no more than five minutes, then the pie will be baked in the oven for about 40 minutes at 180 degrees.

  • 300 gr. stewed cabbage;
  • 1 glass of kefir
  • 30 gr. butter;
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder;
  • 1 glass of wheat flour;
  • 0.5 cups corn flour;
  • 3 tablespoons sour cream;
  • 0.5 teaspoon salt;
  • 1 teaspoon sugar;
  • vegetable oil for the mold.

Melt the butter, pour in kefir and add sour cream, add baking powder, sugar and salt, and then add both types of flour. Mix well. The dough is not thick, but it must be homogeneous without a single lump.

Grease the mold, transfer part of the dough into it, and level it out. Then distribute the stewed cabbage. Then spoon out the dough again, trying to cover all the filling. Prepare the pie in the oven and serve warm or cold.

How to quickly and tasty make a cabbage pie with mayonnaise:

Pastries for which the dough is mixed with mayonnaise are no less tasty. As in the recipe above, we use the aspic principle. But it's easier here. We will not pre-cook the filling and then layer everything. Just mix the batter with the raw cabbage. It's very simple, but it turns out incredibly tasty! I recommend!


  • Flour - 90 grams
  • Salt to taste
  • 80 grams of mayonnaise
  • Tablespoon baking powder
  • 3 raw eggs
  • 125 grams of sour cream of any fat content.


  • 750 grams cabbage
  • Half a teaspoon of soda


1. The weight of cabbage in the list of ingredients is indicated in the form already peeled from the stalk and withered leaves.

2. Shred it as thinly as possible. You can use it in strips or cubes - it doesn’t matter. Do it the way you used to do it for stewing. Add salt and knead well with your hands. This way it will bake faster and be softer and more tender.

3. Mix sour cream and mayonnaise. Pour in the eggs here. Sift the flour. Add salt to taste. Mix everything until maximally homogeneous. There should be no flour clots left.

4. Now add baking powder here. We transfer all the cabbage. Mix everything until smooth.

5. Grease the inside of the baking dish with oil. You can use vegetable or soft cream. Pour all the dough here. Shake the pan a little so that it is evenly distributed.

6. Heat the oven to 180 degrees. Place the mold in the oven. The cake is baked, depending on the height of the pan and the features of the oven, for 30-40 minutes. Readiness is determined by its ruddy appearance. If you insert a toothpick into the center and then take it out again, there should be no traces of raw dough left on it.

Layer pie with cauliflower and broccoli

Layer pies always turn out very airy, light and tender. To prepare them, you can use ready-made puff pastry purchased at the store or make it yourself.


  • 0.4 kilograms of puff pastry;
  • ham – 200 grams;
  • 200 grams of cheese;
  • eggs – 3 pieces;
  • cauliflower – 0.3 kilograms;
  • 200 grams of broccoli.

Cooking time: 35 minutes.

Calorie content per 100 grams: 144 kcal.

  1. Wash broccoli and cauliflower, divide into inflorescences and blanch for 5 minutes in slightly salted water;
  2. Using a slotted spoon, place the cabbage in ice water, cool, drain in a colander and dry;
  3. Cut the ham into small pieces;
  4. Grate cheese and boiled eggs;
  5. Combine all filling ingredients in a bowl and stir;
  6. Roll out the dough to the size of the mold, lay it out, put the filling, and cover the top with a second layer of dough, pinch the edges, make small cuts with a knife, brush with beaten egg and two tablespoons of water;
  7. Cook for 25 minutes at 180 degrees.

If you buy puff pastry to make a pie, then it is better to take it in the form of squares - it’s much more convenient and easier to work with it.

Cabbage pie is a pastry that no one can remain indifferent to. You can cook it using yeast, puff pastry, shortbread and other types of dough, and every time the result will exceed all expectations.

Cabbage should be chosen only good and fresh, without damage or black leaves. You can use early or late varieties, depending on the time of year. Early vegetables are distinguished by lightness and tenderness, while late varieties are elastic and coarser, so such cabbage must be stewed with the addition of liquid so that it does not burn.

The filling will be more aromatic if you add other vegetables to it - carrots, onions, fresh herbs. Spices will also give it a rich and pleasant taste - ground pepper, paprika, suneli hops, but there should not be very many of them.

It is best to shred cabbage using a special knife that cuts it into thin strips. Before stewing, the chopped vegetable must be crushed well with your hands, sprinkled with salt - this way it will become soft and cook quickly.

If the cabbage pie is baked longer than necessary in the oven, you can soften it a little by greasing it with vegetable oil and covering it with parchment paper and a towel. After standing like this for about 20 minutes, it will become soft and tender.

As a filling, you can use not only white cabbage, but also cauliflower and broccoli. Vegetables must be fresh and undamaged. Freshly cut cauliflower is milky in color, heavy in weight and attractive in appearance. For comparison, you can take several heads of cabbage and choose the one that is small in size but heavy in weight.

Dear readers!

Many housewives love to cook pies with cabbage. I would like to invite you to bake a very simple and very tasty cabbage pie without yeast. After all, not everyone can eat yeast dough, but they won’t refuse to try a delicious pie. Yes, and you need to spend a lot of time preparing yeast dough if you prepare it yourself.

I really like this pie, because in order to bake it you don’t have to bother looking for ingredients. All ingredients are available and available in any store.


  • 300 g cabbage
  • 75 g margarine
  • 6 tbsp. spoons of flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 3 tbsp. spoons of mayonnaise
  • 0.5 tsp soda

The ingredients are for 1 serving, but I usually use 2 servings to make the pie.

Pie with cabbage in the oven made from puff pastry

If you don’t want to bother with kneading dough, I suggest buying ready-made puff pastry. Baking from it turns out especially tasty. In addition, it saves a lot of free time. You can whip up this pie when you come home tired. Be sure to try it!


  • 350 grams of white cabbage
  • one raw egg
  • 3 hard-boiled eggs
  • 100 milliliters of milk
  • 400 grams of puff pastry without yeast
  • teaspoon granulated sugar
  • half a teaspoon of salt
  • a quarter teaspoon ground black pepper
  • half a teaspoon of thyme, for flavor
  • tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 30 grams butter


1. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan and add butter to it.

2. Shred the cabbage thinly. We crush it with a small amount of salt so that it begins to release juice. Place in hot oil. Pour in milk, add granulated sugar. Mix everything. Cover with a lid. Stirring frequently, simmer over medium heat for 15 minutes.

3. Boil the eggs until the yolk is hard. Let cool. Cleaning it up. Cut into small cubes. We send it to our stewed cabbage. Add half a teaspoon of salt, ground pepper, and thyme to this. Mix everything thoroughly. With this, our filling is ready!

If you bought frozen dough, you need to defrost it completely. This should only be done in a warm room or at room temperature. It is better not to defrost it in the microwave, otherwise it may start to bake.

4. Unroll the dough roll into one layer. Place it on a baking sheet lined with parchment. It is also better to grease the parchment with oil. Place the filling in the center. On the free edges we make cuts according to the herringbone principle, as shown in the photo.

5. Place the strips that we cut onto the filling, in a pigtail. We also bend the beginning and end so that the cabbage does not fall out. Mix the raw egg until smooth. No need to beat it until white. It is enough to achieve an even mass, without yellow or transparent clots. Let's spread it on top of the pie.

6. Heat the oven to 180 degrees. Place the baking tray with the pie there. Bake for approximately 35-40 minutes.

The finished product can be cut and served immediately! Bon appetit!

Cabbage pies are a favorite in our family. I have never met anyone in my house who would refuse a piece of such baked goods. Cabbage filling adds juiciness, tenderness to any type of dough. Whether it's yeast, jellied or puff pastry.

Today I tried to find cabbage pie recipes for you for every occasion and taste! Take them to your social networks! Let them always be in service. I advise you to try each and decide which one is better. But I must admit, I just can’t decide - they’re all delicious!

Come visit us more often! See you soon!

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Recipe 1: Cold kneaded cabbage pies

This recipe is different in that to prepare these pies you do not need to leave the dough in a warm place. You just need to put the dough in the refrigerator and wait until it rises. And due to the fact that the dough contains eggs, the dough retains its freshness and excellent taste for a long time.

Ingredients : 500 milliliters of milk, 50 grams of yeast, 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, 250 grams of margarine or butter, 1 spoon of vegetable oil, 700-800 grams of sifted flour, salt on the tip of a knife. For the filling you will need cabbage, sugar, salt and cumin.

Cooking method

Grind the yeast with sugar, then add milk, salt and vegetable oil. In a separate bowl, mix flour with margarine, first grate the latter on a coarse grater. Gradually add flour to the yeast mixture. When the mixture becomes thick, add grated margarine, then the rest of the flour. Transfer the dough to the table and knead it until smooth. Next, sprinkle the dough with flour, wrap it in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator for about one hour.

While the dough is cooling, the filling for the pies is being prepared. To do this, you need to finely chop the cabbage, add salt, add sugar and cumin to taste. Cut the chilled dough into small pieces, roll into a sausage and cut into pieces, which are rolled into balls. The finished balls must be kneaded with your hands into a flat cake, in the middle of which put 2-3 teaspoons of filling and connect the edges tightly. To give the pies a shine, brush them with egg yolk. Place the pies on a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake them in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

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